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Overmyer Construction Company Residential Roofing
Is it time to replace your roof? Perhaps your starting to see staining on your ceiling in spots and outside you have curling or missing shingles. It is better to be pro active with roof problems rather then waiting it out to ultimately cause bigger issues and higher repair or replacement costs. In some cases Overmyer Construction Company can inspect the roof and may be able to do some repairs to the roofing system allowing the homeowner to gain more of the existing roofs life. In other cases, we will need to install an entire new roof system. Not to worry, we guarantee it will be a stress free process!

Our standard process at Overmyer Construction Company includes scheduling a consultation appointment with owner, Keith Overmyer, to discuss the roof replacement or repair you are need in of. At time of consultation, he will discuss what needs to be replaced, costs and offer samples to review colors and textures of roof material. Once all details have been discussed and questions answered, we will provide you with an estimate, detailing the scope of work.

Ready to Commit?
When you are ready to move forward with the project, a check serving as a deposit will be required along with a signed contract. All details are provided in the contract, including worksite dates as well as payment plan. Materials will be ordered and once they have arrived from the supplier, we will deliver them to the jobsite.

Site Work:
Once all materials are on site, we will load them via boom truck to the rooftop. Tarps are laid out along any landscaping to avoid any disruption. All existing roofing material is then stripped from the roof deck down to sheathing, discarded and haul from jobsite upon completion. Plywood is inspection for rot damage and replaced if needed. Your gutter troughs are then cleaned and now we are now ready to start the new roof installation.

New Roof Install Process:
1. New drip edge installed to entire roof perimeter.
2. Ice and water shield barrier 6' at roof eaves, 3'along entire valley, up and along wall intersection and around any roof penetrations.
3. Synthetic underlayment to remaining roof deck area.
4. Starter shingles around entire roof perimeter are installed.
5. New shingles to entire roof deck.
6. New step flashings along walls, counter flashings around chimney, skylights re-flashings, and pipe collar flashings.
7. New-vented ridge and matching cap shingles.

Once our work is completed on the roof, ground cleanup is performed. All tarps are removed from landscape and we thoroughly rake all areas that debris may be. Powerful magnetics are used to pick up any loose nails that may have fallen during construction. All materials and debris are then hauled away.

During the process, an Overmyer Construction Company job foreman will be on site to answer any and all questions and concerns.

Overmyer Construction Roofing is a factory certified installer of Certainteed Roofing products. We primarily install Certainteed Roofing materials on our steep slope roof systems. Overmyer Construction is able to offer 50 yr “Lifetime” warranties on all installs.


Roof Systems Overmyer Construction Offers:
-Metal Standing Seam
-Metal Classic Screw Down Panel
-TPO Fully Adhered
-EPDM Fully Adhered
-Synthetic Slate

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